Jewelry Tips

What to Consider when Buying an Engagement Ring


One of the most stressful experience you can face as a guy is engagement ring shopping. The variety of options of rings to choose also adds stress for someone who doesn't have any idea about jewelry. Consider choosing a ring made of moissanite would great too. Taking into consideration on the following factors below will make it easier for you to make your girl say "yes".


When you're starting to hunt for designs, think first of your budget because this will have a great impact to your final decision. The amount of the ring will not determine your love for your girl instead, the happiness and effort you gave will determine your love. Sometimes, the amount spent on an engagement ring is not what's important, it's whatever the buyer feels comfortable to afford it. It is always important to remember that it's not a good idea to start a new chapter in life with dept.


Before buying an engagement ring, you also need to make sure that the girl you chose to be with forever is really "the one". The last thing you want to see after slipping the ring to her finger is that gloomy and unsatisfied look on her face. The only way to avoid this kind of situation is knowing what she really wants. Try to figure out if she's more of a traditionalist looking or someone with more modern fashion sense or does she have a design in her mind that she wishes to be her engagement ring. If she's more of a fashion sense, you can try giving her a moissanite engagement ring. You could also take note of what kind of jewelry she is currently wearing on a daily basis.


The color, cut. Clarity and carat is also a must to be considered. They are used to measure the value of the engagement ring. The ring size is also important since not every ring can be resized for a perfect fitting and it won't be nice if you can't slip the ring to your woman's finger during the engagement party. You should stealthily check your partner's ring size by secretly swiping a frequently worn ring from their jewelry box. Know the proper way of wearing your engagement ring in


All the important factors you need to buy a perfect moissanite rings for your other half and make her say "yes" is given already. The last tip is that you should be confident in asking her hand for marriage and confident of your true feelings for her.